Monday, November 15, 2010

Nana Maru San Bantsu 7O3X

This is not a run of the mill shonen manga which you often see in Japanese comic magazines. Personally, i find it rather interesting. Something like Bakuman which is also rather different from other mangas in the shonen genre. This type of manga is typically called a cult hit as it not a mainstream fantasy/battle manga.

7O3X is about a boy named Shiki Koshiyama whose knowledge is incredibly diverse. He spent many years as the library representative of his class and as a result has read a lot of books. Read on as he is pulled into the Quiz Research club by his classmate Mari Fukami and the Club's president Gakuto Sasajima and explores the world of competitive quizzes.

"It's always too late to press [the buzzer] after you know what the answer is. "Buzzing in" is a race with a margin of less than a tenth of a second." 
- Mari Fukami, Class D, Female Library Representative

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  1. I just read this yesterday. It was amazing!!! So different from normal manga, but that is what makes it epic. I also associated it with Bakuman while reading simply because of how unique it is. Hopefully it lasts for a while, but just like Bakuman to become a hit the creator(s) will need to be geniuses.