Friday, May 16, 2014

Saijou no Meii

Just recently, after discontinuing my C-E translations with Odd Squad Scanlations due to schedule clashes, I've started working on Saijou no Meii with 1|2 Scans.

About the Manga
Saijou Mikoto is an extremely talented surgeon who innovates in the field of pediatric surgery. His mandate comes from having been saved at a young age by the leading pediatric surgeon Shindou Mamoru. A little slow-witted, but when it comes to medicine he is indubitably a genius.

Mikoto aims revive the pediatric surgery department at Heisei Central Hospital, but life is not that simple... Masamori Taira, the Head of the Taira Group which owns 57 Heisei hospitals in Japan, is without child, and has announced that he will bequeath ownership to the best doctor in any of the Heisei Hospitals. Mikoto is embroiled as he champions his own brand of justice.

The storyline is littered with hospital politics and interesting characters as he strives to change the Japanese medical system for the better.

About the Artist
The manga is drawn by Hashiguchi Takashi who is best known as the author of Yakitate Japan (which sparked my interest for baking). For Saijou no Meii, he works with Irie Kenzou. Together, they have also created the sequel Saijou no Meii - King of Neet.

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