Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bakuman! バクマン

The manga is written by the Author-Artist Duo, Ohba Sugumi and Obata Takeshi  who brought us the hit manga/anime DeathNote. Recently, there has been an anime produced for Bakuman. It is scheduled to be 25 episodes long. 

Please comment and if let me know if you guys can't find the episodes. I'll upload it somewhere.

Do read the manga as well! 

About the Manga/Anime:

Protagonists Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi form the Author-Artist Duo Ashirogi in order to pursue their dreams. Mashiro's being to write a popular manga, turn it into an anime and get his love interest, Azuki Miho whose dream is to being a voice actress, to star in his anime.

Follow them as they overcome various trials as they strive to write popular mangas and meet various people who become mentors, rivals, co-workers and even Takagi's wife!

About the Artist: 

Obata Takeshi is one of my favourite manga artists, who generally works with a manga writer while he does the drawings. He is most well-known as the manga artist who worked with Yumi Hotta for the very interesting and refreshing manga Hikaru no Go which I highly recommend too. 

His art has evolved over a years and has a wide variety of styles evident in his works Cyborg Grandpa G, Ayatsuri Sakon, and Deathnote.

The pictures here are covers of volume 8 and 10.

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