Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sometimes people wonder what could exist all the way up in the sky, yet only appear at night. Sometimes, it seems impossible that in the emptiness of space, there could exist these things that emit light and seem to twinkle as it is reflected in the eyes of those on the earth. They are bodies of gases in constant interaction. Our Sun is also a star.

Some worry about how long the Sun will continue to last, others that it will expand as its lifespan comes to an end and swallow up the nearer planets in our solar system. When a star dies (has a gravitational collapse), they become neutron stars which are incredibly dense and emit some kinds of radiation. If the star is of a large enough magnitude, its death instead triggers the creation of  a black-hole. These black-holes cause objects in space to gravitate towards them, swallowing them into what we think is another dimension as it tears them apart molecule by molecule. They don't even let light escape.

However, don't think of this as depressing. There may be situations where you are down and out, and it seems like there isn't even a single ray of hope, as if you are trapped in a black hole. But know this: you are not alone, friends, family, colleagues and neighbours form important bonds such that we are never truly isolated.

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