Saturday, September 18, 2010


A dawn, similar to what it means in the literal sense, implies that something is about to occur. It is the start of the day, marked by the rising of the sun. This is the start of a blog which hopefully continues.

The reason this blog started.. hmm.. well, a certain someone has been disappointed with the viewer traffic on her blog and hopes that with this blog being started, more people will be directed to her site.

I appreciate any comments intended to improve the standard of the site or its content. After all, anyone who reads on this site is surely a intelligent responsible individual; I look forward to your comments. Feel free to suggests topics to write about.

This is not simply a personal blog annotating the boring life of a boring individual like myself. While it is true that information presented here is most likely going to come from personal experience and articles read, I hope to provide insight into various ideas and topics, bring to your attention to ideas or anything largely related to my areas of interests and provide a platform for readers like you to past time and enjoy yourselves.

Thank you for viewing this site. Kindly visit again in the near future!

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